Tips for Effective Learning

Use finger technique for faster reading.

Keep eye contact with teachers in the class for concentration.

Take practical test similar to the actual tests.

Take fruits and vitamins on a daily basis.

Convey teachers that you are studying hard for excellence.

Cooperate with other students.

Take small rest after each half an hour of study.

Keep the sequence of study starting from most important to important and then less important portion.

Use both hands in day to day working for effective use of left and right portion of the mind.

Five Types of Revision

10 Min:
Revise previous class work when you reach and sit in the class or before the teacher starts the class.
Quickly revise today’s class work when teacher finishes class and leave.
24 Hours:
Revise the whole day lessons at home in the night before going to sleep.
7 Days:
Revise the week’s course work on every Sunday.
1 Month:
Revise entire month lessons on every last Sunday of the month.
6 Month:
Revise complete course work at least twice in a year.